Installation Information

What type of special skills are needed to install Fypon urethane products?

None. If you can install wood products, you can easily install Fypon products. They can be nailed, cut and sanded just like wood products.

Are special supplies needed to install polyurethane products?

We recommend using noncorrosive fasteners along with PL Premium Adhesive. The adhesive is recommended to place between decorative moulding joints and to secure the Fypon piece to the wall along with nailing into place.

What are some general tips about installing urethane products:

  • Aside from, E-vents, functional louvers, columns and porch posts, Fypon products are for decorative use only.
  • Never install product with fasteners only. For best results, always use noncorrosive fasteners along with urethane base PL Premium Adhesive on the back and at all decorative moulding joints.
  • Urethane mouldings are somewhat temperature sensitive, as are all organic materials. We recommend over-cutting decorative mouldings by ¼" per 10' of length (spring fitting the moulding as tightly as possible).

What type of weather conditions are necessary to install exterior urethane products?

For exterior applications, urethane products can be installed in any temperature, hot or cold, and in any kind of weather.

Anything special I should know about storing polyurethane products?

Urethane products can be stored either inside or outside, but not in extreme heat. Products should be stored as it is intended to be installed; for example, store mouldings horizontally and columns vertically. For optimum use, PL Premium Adhesive should be stored at room temperature until ready to use. Acclimate urethane products before installation up to 10 hours.

How can PVC be cut and fabricated?

PVC is relatively fast and easy to install. The pieces should be installed using stainless steel or hot-dipped, galvanized screws and hot-dipped galvanized nails. The joints between boards and sheets can easily to bonded with Devcon TrimBonder adhesive to prevent separation of joints.

How difficult is it to maintain and repair PVC once it's installed?

Not difficult at all. PVC is considered a low maintenance product and its surface can be easily cleaned with soap and water. If PVC gets a minor nick, scratch or dent in it, repair can be done easily with Bond & Fill™ epoxy.

Where can I get some extra help on installation?

You may find the information you need in our online installation guides.