Educational Information

What are Fypon products made of?

The majority of our products are made of precision molded, high-density rigid polyurethane. Fypon also manufacturers Cellular PVC Trim, which is virgin polyvinyl choloride (PVC).

Is polyurethane some type of polystyrene foam?

No. The durable Fypon products are high-density polyurethane products, unlike the soft nature of polystyrene foam products. Urethane has the look and feel of wood.

How are Fypon urethane products made?

Polyurethane is created by mixing isocyanate and resin. The mixture is poured or injected in a liquid state into custom moulds. Once in the mould, a chemical reaction occurs, causing the urethane to expand and quickly harden. The mixture is kept under pressure in the mould as it expands to any desired shape. When fully formed, the product is removed from the mould, the excess removed, and given an exterior grade primer coating.

PVC is formed by polymerization of the gaseous monomer vinyl chloride. A blowing agent is added to the PVC to create PVC foam. The foam is then extruded into sheet form, which is split with knives to board widths.

How dense is Fypon's cellular PVC?

The density of Fypon Cellular PVC is 37 lb. per cubic foot. This density is similar to hickory and provides the same working characteristics as white pine.

Will these products melt in high temperatures?

All products, including wood and steel, will melt if the temperature is hot enough. However, Fypon products will not melt under normal use conditions. We recommend following all Fypon painting instructions to ensure top performance of the product.